COVID-19 Update 1/25/2021:  It is with regret, but fairness to all athletes, that we are cancelling the 2020-2021 MPSSCC play-off events. In light of the varying degrees of participation in each county and the unsure future of school/sports participation in the state, Semi-Finals and State Finals will not take place this year. It would not be fair to proceed with these season ending events without full participation from all of our counties. We are eagerly looking forward to starting fresh in the 2021-2022 school year with full seasons and full participation.  If your county individually decides to allow fall or winter season to commence, you are more than welcome to host appropriate county level events that abide by your Board of Ed’s restrictions for play. We do have judges available for either virtual or in-person events. Please reach out to one of us to let us know if you need to schedule judges.

Formed in January 2002, The Maryland Public Schools State Cheerleading Committee (MPSSCC) is a committee formed by representatives from counties across the state of Maryland.  MPSSCC’s goal is to advance the education of coaches and cheerleaders throughout the state of Maryland by promoting the highest professional standards for coaching and safety regulations for our athletes.


MPSSCC’s mission is:

  • To promote the highest possible professional standard of coaching.
  • To promote a positive relationship among coaches and administrators.
  • To implement safety measures among cheerleaders and to encourage adherence to the safety rules established by the National Federation of High School (NFHS).
  • To provide equitable opportunities such as education, training, and positive recognition of cheer coaches and their athletes.