Become involved in the Maryland High School Cheerleading Coaches Association!
Learn firsthand the latest in safety, stunting, school spirit, teamwork and much more. Stay up-to-date on the changes happening here in the state of Maryland as well as in the country. Join together with other coaches in making cheerleading the best here in the state!

Formed in January 2002, The Maryland High School Cheerleading Coaches Association (MHSCCA) is a committee of coaches from across the state of Maryland. MHSCCA’s goal is to advance the education of coaches and cheerleaders throughout the state of Maryland by promoting the highest professional standards for coaching and safety regulations for cheerleading.


MHSCCA’s mission is to promote participation and sportsmanship in order to develop good citizens through cheerleading. This provides equitable opportunities, positive recognition and learning experiences to everyone involved, while maximizing the achievement of educational goals.

MHSCCA Membership Brochure

By becoming a member of this valuable association, you are taking a proactive approach to avoid problems in the future, having a voice in what happens to cheerleading here in the state of Maryland, and changing the perception of cheerleading to the athletic activity it is!